In the beginning…..

So we decided to start our family very shortly after buying our house, although not yet engaged or married. Reason being I felt all along that I would have trouble conceiving. I was 25, my husband 28. Call it woman’s intuition, negative attitude or panic-I truly felt that it wouldn’t be straight forward for me.

That being said, I also really thought that first month that I was pregnant. Sure I was off the pill so of course I was now pregnant. I also thought this on the second month and third. I had it all planned out-the announcement, the baby’s room. In fact the ‘baby’s room’ was known as and called the baby’s for the next six years before it actually became the baby’s room lol

After six months, the woman’s intuition got louder as the expectation and excitement grew smaller. Off to the family planning clinic I went-just so that they could give me the all clear and say it takes time. But no….my woman’s intuition was spot on. The day I returned, alone, for our results, the doctor walked in to the room with my file. Written on a yellow post it right there on the front of my file were the words “IVF NEEDED”.

And that was the moment that my life changed forever…….


maybe baby…..maybe not

So we’ve decided to have a baby!!! Horray. How exiting. How exiting for the first month…and the second month….and the sixth month….not so much for the twelfth month…..definately not the sixtieth month.

Some couples find themselves getting pregnant very easily (whether they see this as a positive or as an unexpected surprise!).  And well some couples don’t…they just don’t. For one reason or another, for no reason at all, or for many reasons, they just don’t. The bubble bursts. And when I say burst, I mean it explodes loudly and nastily in your face for the whole world to see. There is nothing private about trying for a baby.

Where do you go from here? What steps do you take and what information and support is out there? In my long, hard experience NONE.  Ok, well maybe that is a bit unfair. We’ll say very little.  Unluckily for me I have been through the motions of a family planning clinic, public fertility unit and three private fertility clinics over the course of 5 years. I am no longer clueless, although far from an expert. Luckily for me I am now the proud Mam of my precious baby girl.

I always said that I would try help other couples that are going through what can only be described as the hardest, trying, emotionally and physically draining time in my life. So here I go……..

I will blog my experiences, lessons and the ugly truth. I am new to this blogging business so please bear with me. Maybe-baby to be continued……………………….

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